Utilising Microsoft technologies to create a Rental Broker System

Utilising Microsoft technologies to create a Rental Broker System

At the heart of 3Reign’s philosophy, is the commitment to staying on top of all the latest technological trends and advances in an industry that’s constantly moving forward and innovating. Throughout the years, 3Reign has utilised its expertise in the IT industry and brought that skillset into the automotive industry to provide increased performance and greater user satisfaction for its customers.

This project was based around delivering a business software system to manage an entrepreneurial business as a disrupter in the rental broker market. 3Reign were tasked with writing a bespoke system from the floor up using the latest Microsoft technologies in support of the customer’s business change program. Once delivered, the system interfaces with customers, suppliers and third party systems from across the insurance, software, rental and repairers industries. The 3Reign developed system manages a sequence of rates tables for suppliers and customers’ rates, and supports the core accounts of the business, producing statistics around the net margins of various business scenarios. It has driven efficiencies and business process benefits for the customer, and their subsequent customers.

Steve Edwards, Managing Director, 3Reign, said: “Being able to stay on top of the latest technologies and software developments in the industry is absolutely crucial for us as a business. Alongside their day-to-day workload, our team is committed towards their own professional development and we pride ourselves on being up to date and in touch with all the leading technologies and software.

“For this particular project we were tasked with delivered a business software system to manage a small business operating in the insured rental market. We once again highlighted our ability to write a bespoke system completely from scratch, whilst harnessing the very latest Microsoft technologies. The system we’ve delivered provides incredibly valuable support to the client’s business and allows them to accurately and efficiently manage their requirements.”

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