Revolutionising the Global Rental Business

Revolutionising the Global Rental Business

3Reign are experienced in providing innovative and bespoke software solutions for customers across the automotive industry. This case study analyses 3Reign’s work with a customer who are based at the heart of the Global Rental Business, and outlines how we delivered a software solution that meets their dynamic requirements. The 3Reign team have worked closely with this customer now for over 10 years, which highlights the true partnership value we place on our customers’ experience.

3Reign were able to install its K-Rental platform with the customer to enable all of their UK corporate bookings to be taken. This particular platform forms part of our SaaS offering and provides the customer with unique screens in a web based delivery. This isn’t just a branding change, this is a UI change per customer, as unique fields can be added, and specific customer details can be masked to allow control of the page. At the heart of 3Reign’s philosophy is the ability to work closely with customers to ensure all requirements can be met quickly and efficiently. In this instance, we are updating the flow of the page, and the interfaces to and from our customers internal systems to ensure a seamless experience across the client base. The depth of the software is highlighted by the fact it is delivered to over 200 corporate clients of our customer, with quick and easy deployment, and supporting in excess of 6000 rental transactions per month.

Steve Edwards, Managing Director, 3Reign, said: “This particular project was valuable for us a business as it really highlights our capability of providing unique and bespoke solutions. We were able to deliver not just a branding change for the customer, but we provided a dynamic, integrated user interface that allows us to constantly update its flow and provide a fantastic experience.

“The feedback we’ve received from the customer has been extremely positive and only goes to further highlight the expertise of our technology and our people.”

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