#The3ReignView | The key role of software in the automotive industry

In the second instalment of our #The3ReignView. Managing Director, Steve Edwards, discusses the integral role that software continues to play in the automotive industry. 

“In my previous blog entry, I discussed the importance of ‘moving forward’ for the automotive industry, and how embracing technology can continue to have a real positive impact on all areas. This theme of innovation continues to fascinate us here at 3Reign, and our core business philosophy remains centred around this crucial concept. 

“As a software provider, we have first-hand experience as to how quality software has helped revolutionise the automotive industry. Of course, looking further ahead the mainstream automotive industry is on the cusp of technological revolution that will result in autonomous vehicles becoming commonplace on our roads. However, from a commercial standpoint there’s still lots of work to be done by businesses in the industry to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency. 

“Our experience has seen us work closely with businesses of all sizes and capabilities in the automotive industry, to ensure they implement a software solution that meets their requirements and can help them develop. By embracing software, we have seen whole businesses revolutionise their entire commercial approach, bring efficiency to previously failing processes, empower their staff and enjoy continued success as a result. 

“Over the years, we’ve helped deliver online fleet management tools, bespoke mobile apps, software for the global rental business and bespoke software for businesses from £200k turnover to over £500m. The one thing in common with all these examples is the lasting, positive impact that the software implementation had upon their business.

“We hope that the industry continues to show faith in innovation, which will help drive positive change in all areas of the automotive sector.”

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