#The3ReignView | How bespoke software solutions allow your business to grow at pace

Software has helped enable some of the greatest technological advances in our society over the past few decades. In addition to these large-scale innovations, software has also played an integral role in today’s business environment and the ongoing drive towards automation and innovation across various industries, including automotive.

In this latest edition of the 3Reign View, Managing Director, Steve Edwards discusses how bespoke software should have both the capability and flexibility to allow new businesses to grow at their own speed…

“Through our experience of developing software solutions for the automotive industry, we’ve learnt first-hand the importance of understanding how every business has its own individuality and requirements. Whilst this may seem like an obvious assertion from the outside, the software industry has long focused on developing and utilising software solutions that are ‘one-size fits all’ and don’t allow for the expediential growth and development that can come with new businesses.

“These Legacy systems tend to be generally older software solutions that have been embedded into companies, and have work arounds with spreadsheet and manual processes providing the real work. One of the additional challenges that businesses face with legacy systems, is that it becomes very difficult to differentiate from your competition if the core system is identical to theirs. Invariably, these systems are expensive and time consuming to change, and in many cases unrealistic as they are used by many companies.

“Because of this, 3Reign has placed a huge importance on delivering a fast and unique system offering that’s able to adapt quickly because they are not reliant on a community, and are very supportive to the best in class process piece within a business. We’ve continued to receive excellent feedback from our customers and one of the key elements that continues to be repeated is how our software allows them to shape their business growth and development without restrictions.

“Don’t be drawn into the bright lights of a legacy software solution if it’s going restrict your business’ expansion and not allow your full potential to be achieved.”