The importance of moving forward | #The3ReignView

An opinion piece from 3Reign Managing Director, Steve Edwards, regarding the necessity for the automotive industry to innovate and modernise to keep up with current trends and how software can play a key role.

“In the scheme of the Universe the automotive industry is a relatively new one. Originating post the invention of the very first automobiles in the 19th century. The industry itself has undergone major changes and development since its inception, and today continues to be a leading light across the globe in terms of manufacturing volume and engineering innovation. However, as with all sectors and business, it’s vital that the automotive industry continues to innovate and update its methods and processes to help continue moving forward.

“At 3Reign we have been working at the core of the automotive industry for a number of years and have witnessed first-hand the technological revolutions that have taken place. We are on the forefront of some of the technology that disrupt the industry today. These changes have been enabled by software and solutions that help the industry push the boundaries day in and day out.

“3Reign came into being when hailing a taxi from an App was impossible, cars would always be driven by humans, power trains were petrol or diesel and fleet / leasing businesses were owned by car people, not banks! Today all these are indicative of the way the industry has been repositioned, and the speed that technology solutions have to change to support the developing sector. 3Reign continually invests to ensure our technology and software is able to help the industry as it changes. Individual businesses benefit hugely from our knowledge and delivery process as we write bespoke systems to run their business, and provide significant process improvements. Groups of businesses, within a supply chain, see added value by joining together across a single platform, to ensure visibility of the single platform process, and 3Reign has become a significant systems integration house, ensuring customers and suppliers systems communicate across the divide.

“I’m confident that the automotive industry will continue to move forward and meet the challenges that it will undoubtedly face in the coming years, but it’s crucial that software and solutions businesses such as 3Reign are ready and capable to support that development.”