3 crucial aspects for a successful online fleet management service

Achieving a successful online fleet management service is a complex process that isn’t always an exact science. Despite the necessity in today’s modern world for this channel of management system, most businesses in the automotive industry cannot maximise their potential because of outdated, inefficient or generic packaged fleet management software.

3Reign’s experience in delivering and implementing specialist software to the automotive industry has taught us a few things along the way, and this article will run through our 3 top tips for achieving a successful online fleet management service.

1) Tailored software based on fleet profile and expectation

Flexibility is key within the software industry and we are huge believers in delivering software that not only caters for the immediate requirements of our customers and our customers’ customers, but can also be future-proof and adapted when required.

No two fleet customers are the same, and the mistake made most often is software for what you think your customer wants, rather than being able to provide a ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ to support the exact requirements. At 3Reign we understand it’s crucial to provide online fleet management software tailored to meet their customers exact requirements and existing fleet profile. That same suite needs to have the capability and capacity to increase or decrease products and services depending on the circumstances.

2) Your system should help reduce admin work

The actual function of software can sometimes get lost. Essentially, software is designed to provide a more efficient service and an upgrade on the previous manual format that businesses would have operated. Therefore, the last thing that your online fleet management service should be doing is creating more admin work.

3Reign’s online fleet management software, allows customers to accurately manage their operations, whilst also ensuring that tasks can be managed as efficiently as possible to maximise output and performance. We are masters at creating efficient supply chains, and are often integrating customers systems to those of their customers and suppliers.

3) Improving compliance

The Industry is surrounded by compliance these days, from the GDPR world to FCA; regulations from DVLA and VOSA, BVRLA guidelines and other industry standards. Compliance is a huge issue in today’s world, and this is no different in the automotive industry.

Our software allows for easy management of compliance and regulation. We work hard with our customers to ensure they stay compliant throughout the data’s journey and business process.

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